Amora - Our New Sweetheart

We have all seen her. All eyes are on her when she walks along pool side. She is mysterious, sensuous, and intriguing. She is unforgettable. Now, you can be her. ReignSuit introduces the Amora; the definitive suit for divas who want to be noticed and never forgotten.

The Mexican resorts of Cabo San Lucas were the inspiration for this one-piece. When wearing the suit it is easy to imagine yourself lounging poolside, shading your eyes with oversized sunglasses and trying not to grin as the guests and staff whisper, "Look at her! She must be someone famous!" Well, enjoy the attention because this suit is as functional as it is beautiful. The gentle curve of the white and pink give the torso a long, lean hourglass appearance while the gold ruffle and petal shaped accents add a whisper of vintage Hollywood glamour. Unlike the traditional one-piece, this suit is strapless making it an excellent bikini alternative for pageants and model's portfolios. The sweetheart neckline coyly plays up the name Amora, which means love in Spanish.

You will glow with confidence and feel beautiful and sexy in the Amora. No matter where you wear it, you are bound to attract attention. Be memorable. Custom order this suit today.

Written by Nerissa McNaughton
Photo by
Marcus Lopez
Model Kesli
Stylist Narvell & Alicia P.