So, where exactly is the waist?

Today we will address a question from a reader regarding finding and measuring your waist.

"I'm a nursing major and I want to participate in a pageant that has a swimwear division. I need help. I know what bone connects to which bone but, I'm always confused on where is the waist vs my hips for measurements. What is the natural waist vs the lower waist and how low is low?"

This is an excellent question. When you go to the store to buy pants, you see options for low rise, mid rise, high waisted, natural fit and comfort fit. No wonder we are confused! For custom swimwear, however, it is important to know where your natural waist is, regardless of how low or high you wear your pants. Before we discuss how to find and measure your waist, let's review of the rules. Measure your body over nude skin or tight fitting underwear, get a friend to help you, be barefoot, relax, and breathe normally.

The natural waist is not necessarily the midpoint on the torso. If it is closer to the breasts, you are high waisted. If it is closer to the hips, you are low waisted. If it is squarely at the middle, you are Marilyn Monroe. Congratulations. All kidding aside...

To find your natural waist, place the tape around the smallest part of your torso and bend side to side. As you bend, you will see a crease form below your breasts, but above your hips. The tape should "settle" into this crease. This is your natural waist. If you have love handles and are having trouble finding the crease, push your fingers gently into your side until you feel the top of your hip bone. Bend side to side. Measure around the fold that occurs above the hips. Once you have located your waist, wrap the tape around it. Make sure the tape is parallel to the floor and snug, but not tight. Write down this measurement.

Now that you have located your natural waist, you can find your lower waist. Mark your natural
waist on the front of your body with your finger. Measure two inches, or the span of two parallel fingers, below the natural waistline. This point marks your lower waist. Using this point as your guide, wrap the tape around your body. Once again, keep the tape parallel and snug.

The final part of our nursing student's question was, "how low is low?". Well, truly low is any point occurs below your lower waistline. Some in the industry call this "ultra low rise" and while you may find the ultra low a comfortable point for your waistbands, it is too low if your behind shows when you sit down or bend over or if you are constantly tugging at the band to bring it back into a position.

Wearing swimsuit bottoms that hit at the natural or lower waist depends on personal preference and body shape. If you are not sure of which waist or how low you prefer, grab your favourite and most comfortable pair of jeans. Is the waistband hitting at or below your natural waist? If it is below, you prefer to wear your bottoms low-waisted. When submitting measurements to ReignSuit for custom swimwear, include your natural and low waist size as well as your personal preference.

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Amora - Our New Sweetheart

We have all seen her. All eyes are on her when she walks along pool side. She is mysterious, sensuous, and intriguing. She is unforgettable. Now, you can be her. ReignSuit introduces the Amora; the definitive suit for divas who want to be noticed and never forgotten.

The Mexican resorts of Cabo San Lucas were the inspiration for this one-piece. When wearing the suit it is easy to imagine yourself lounging poolside, shading your eyes with oversized sunglasses and trying not to grin as the guests and staff whisper, "Look at her! She must be someone famous!" Well, enjoy the attention because this suit is as functional as it is beautiful. The gentle curve of the white and pink give the torso a long, lean hourglass appearance while the gold ruffle and petal shaped accents add a whisper of vintage Hollywood glamour. Unlike the traditional one-piece, this suit is strapless making it an excellent bikini alternative for pageants and model's portfolios. The sweetheart neckline coyly plays up the name Amora, which means love in Spanish.

You will glow with confidence and feel beautiful and sexy in the Amora. No matter where you wear it, you are bound to attract attention. Be memorable. Custom order this suit today.

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Measure Your Torso for an Amazing Fit

There is no need to fear swimsuit season. A custom-made suit flatters all body types, providing you submit accurate measurements. Over the next few weeks, you will learn how to properly measure your body for swimwear. Before we start with the torso, there are a few key rules.

For maximum accuracy, get a friend to help you and do not measure in front of a mirror (there is a tendency to pose in front of the glass). Stand relaxed and barefoot in nude skin or underwear. Above all, be honest. A custom suit is designed to make you look great but if you submit measurements of what you wish you were or what you are striving to be, your suit will not fit or flatter you.

Torsos come in three sizes: petite, standard, and extended. It is common to generalize that all petite people are short and all people with extended torsos are tall, but this is not the case. A tall person could have a petite torso and long legs while a short person could have an extended torso and short legs. Typically, tall women opt for a bikini or tankini to avoid the dreaded "hunch back pull", while shorter women find their maillots give them an excess of material around their middle. However, all women - regardless of the shape and length of their torsos - can wear a customized one-piece suit.

For a suit that fits your unique torso, correct measurements are vital. Place the end of a flexible dressmakers tape on the high point of your shoulder (which is at the base of your neck). Run the tape measure downwards over the fullest part of your breast, through the center of your crotch, and up the back to the starting point at your shoulder. Hold the tape taunt without pulling or stretching it and make sure you are not arching or pushing your shoulders back. A petite torso will be (approximately) 57 - 60 inches, standard is 61 - 63, and extended is 64 and above.

With ReignSuit's customized swimwear, every woman can enjoy the comfort and style of a one-piece suit. Check out their collection at and stay tuned to this blog to learn more about how to properly measure your body.

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